Don’t Fall into the TV Trap!

Kirkby Monahan’s media training sessions are becoming legendary. We believe in creating realistic bespoke scenarios where our clients are under considerable pressure to perform.

During a televised interview Business leaders and public figures run the risk of being led by the interviewer down a rocky road to repetitional ruin. It’s imperative to acquire the skills and experience when answering the toughest questions. We believe when your image is at stake, no stone should be left unturned.

Trainees leave with a newfound focus on the need to prepare and make the most of the moment. All are sworn to secrecy regard the exact nature of the experience – and most recommend colleagues to follow in their footsteps.

Once recent ‘graduate’ was none other than Major General Andy Salmon – who was heading to Iraq to lead the Allied Forces. I have had three Ministry of Defence media courses – no-one came close to my experience here!”



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